Season 1 Episode 3 – Premier Passions

What do Dunk, Bong, Sarri’s rumoured smoking room and crow based looking managers have in common, somehow they all feature on what is meant to be a “high brow” footballing podcast, it is episode 3 and that is already out of the window.

After getting off to such an enjoyable start last weekend I am once more joined by Karl Gwilliam and James Leatherbarrow (J.S.) as we chew all the footballing fat from the last seven days.

What with the Premier League finally getting underway that is the opening question but from there on we talk all things on pitch as all the main talking points from last weekend are disected in as much detail as humanly possible without the ability to watch all 10 matches.

Somehow only Richard Keys can do that, a man who can bend space and time, whereas we have to make do with Match Of The Day to fill the gaps.

The most important thing though is knowing how you can listen to – unfortunately I’m not on any of the big gun platforms – it is still a relatively frustrating work in progress. However there is no excuse for not being able to get yours ears round this via the links below..

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Thanks for dropping by and more importantly thanks for listening (if you get that far)

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