Season 1 Episode 2 – Open For Business

The Real Football Cast is now open for business, I am pleased to announce that the first full podcast episode has gone live. A big thanks to my two guests Karl Gwilliam and James Leatherbarrow who joined me in making history.

The plan each week is to cut through the nonsense and try to make sense of the headlines that are on the backpages and the rumours that are found on your social media timelines.

After laying the groundwork over the Summer I’m delighted to be launching this new project and I hope that you will join for me the ride. We all have to start somewhere and we will do so tonight.

In the first episode the three of us cover in around 50 minutes or so:

A quick chat about the World Cup and how it nearly came home for England – beat expectations but still disappointment. Where do England go from here
King Mbappe
Ronaldo/Messi end of era?
A look ahead to the start of the Premier League season – title race/top 4
Mourinho 3 year cycle, are we seeing it again
Also looking briefly at the big fixtures of the weekend, how will the World Cup effect the big clubs to start
The transfer business that has taken place and what could happen before the final day’s business on the Thursday
A quick chat about Salford City would be good as I think that’s interesting – especially as it is putting other clubs noses out of the joint (the mistrust of clubs with money in the pyramid and how it’s not the “right” way to get promoted)

A lot of it might be throwing some mud at the wall in the first couple of weeks to see what sticks, but I’d like to think that we made a decent fist of it. The best way to find out though is by having a listen yourself.

You can do to start with via these means (itunes and acast links to follow in the next few weeks)

You can download and listen to on your mobile/tablet/desktop here
You can listen to it via audioboom here:
Or you can listen to it via soundcloud here or below

Also if you want to get in touch with me you can, this can be for either listeners questions next week or if you want to get involved as a guest in the upcoming weeks ahead. To do so you can reach me on my twitter at @dantracey1983

While I’m also looking for a sponsor for the show, if you would like to do so you can email me at and if you don’t perhaps have the power of big business behind you but you would like to show your appreciation you can buy me a coffee.

Thanks for dropping by and more importantly thanks for listening (if you get that far)

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