My New Podcast Coming Soon

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to launch a Podcast of my own for the upcoming season and hopefully beyond.  Now I know what you are thinking at this point, does the World need another Footballing podcast?

The answer to that in fairness is probably not, but does it need another that is hosted by me? Most definitely. After spending the best part of three seasons spending endless hours writing endless words on my two websites (Real Football Man and Real Football Data), I felt it was time to evolve and what is the best way to do that is by launching this project – Real Football Cast

Now ultimately a Podcast is nothing without its guests, I could have a stab at doing it on my own each week, but even I get tired of my own voice from time to time, let alone anyone who would attempt to listen to the show on a weekly basis.

So with that said I am going to need guests, in fairness a whole host of them between now and May 2019. After living a near unhealthy portion of my life in the dark Social Media wasteland which is ‘Football Twitter’ I will have a few contacts lined up.

However I will be on the look out for a lot more, so think of this as an advert for open trials before the season starts. If you would like to be involved and help me get some momentum going then you are more than welcome – you can either drop me an email at or you contact me on twitter, my username is @dantracey1983

I think that will do for now, It’s a not a Presidential state of the union speech just a short post announcing the launch of the ‘Real Football Cast’ in a week or so’s time. So I need to go off an do some more planning before we kick off, keep an eye out on my Twitter for more updates.

Thanks, Dan

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